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28 Day Fitness Challenge - April

28 Day Fitness Challenge - April

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OUT-FIT 28 Day Fitness Challenge

Summer is Coming! The weather is warming up but we are in a pandemic and it is tough to motivate when it comes to fitness.

Here is your chance to get your fitness on track in 2021

It is 100% free and available to anyone with one dumbbell/one kettlebell and internet access. 

12 Workouts Over 4 Weeks

On April 5th you will do your first of 12 workouts over the course of the month. (3 workouts a week.) This tester workout will be trackable and allow you to compare your progress 4 weeks later. 

40 Min Workouts On Your Schedule 

Each workout is around 40 minutes long. They will be available on YouTube, so be sure to like and subscribe when you are there. Each week we will email you links to the three workouts for you to complete for the week. You do them on your own schedule. 

Retest 4 Weeks Later

At the end of the 4 weeks you will do a workout with the same conditioning as your first workout, so you can see how much progress you have made over the month. 

Registration Required

This program is free, but registration is required so we know who to be emailing every week. We will email you every week the links to the workouts to be completed for the week. 

What Athletes Are Saying: 

"I can feel my endurance coming back—going non-stop now through working sets. Starting to add weight where I can, and going for speed on agility moves." Michael P.

"Another awesome butt kicker! Thanks guys!!! You are very motivating to listen to. All of your “free” time and knowledge is really appreciated." Oliver P. 

"Love these OUT-FIT workouts!! I’m doing the 30 Day Challenge for March after doing it for February! I’m already seeing results!!! These are awesome! Thanks Coach Todd and Coach Cole!!" Kevin R.

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