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"Love Is" Crew Socks
"Love Is" Crew Socks

"Love Is" Crew Socks

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Imagine This…

9:18 Sunday morning. You’ve snoozed two times and finally get up. You roll straight into your workout clothes. Tank top, Ten Thousand shorts, "Love Is" socks and the first pair of shoes you see. 

Two miles into your run the clouds in your head are mostly gone. The riverfront views are amazing, especially that tall drink of water that just ran past you! Damnit - you barely got a good look. 

Just ahead you see them grabbing a drink at the water fountain and suddenly realize you are thirsty too. As you approach they glances back and with a smile says “nice socks!”

8 years later it’s still your favorite story to tell when people ask how you met.


Material: 43% Cotton/30% Nylon/16% Elastic/11% Polyester

Fit: US Men 8.5-12 & US Women 9.5-11.5

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