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OUT-FIT Feature in Men's Heath

At OUT-FIT, Pride Is Year-Round 

The NYC functional fitness gym provides a welcoming—and fun!—space for queer people to train.

WHEN YOU WALK into OUT-FIT, a functional fitness gym in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, you'll instantly see that they’ve made the most out of a small space. Four rowing machines are neatly spaced apart, directly across from four squat racks. The room doesn’t feel constrained; instead, it's intentionally designed to encourage closeness during the small group classes, each of which contains no more than six to eight clients. Class sizes are especially important to OUT-FIT’s owner, Todd Brandon Morris, because he wants to foster genuine connections between clients. His classes are specifically for LGBTQ+ people who come not only for their physical health, but for the sense of community OUT-FIT offers... 

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