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Meet Our Founder - Todd Brandon Morris

Todd Founded OUT-FIT in 2014. 

His goal was to encourage athletes to achieve extraordinary physical goals while maintaining mental health and promoting social equality.

Todd grew up in Western Pennsylvania in a very religious family. When he came out of the closest as a teenager he was immediately ostercised by both his religion and family. Most of his family have not spoken to him in over 20 years. 

He went to college at PITT where he was the only out gay man in leadership roles within fraternity life. He was also the only out gay man elected to public office in the student government. Finally, he wrote a weekly OP-ED column for The Pitt News, which often had an LGBTQ focus. 

After college Todd relocated to San Francisco. There he worked at Yahoo! and served on their LGBTQ Employee Resource Group and helped to run their former Pride site ( While in SF Todd was a fundraiser for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Now in New York City, OUT-FIT is his current way to give back to the community. Outside of working on OUT-FIT he private trains individuals that are looking to get stronger and leaner, improve their Olympic Lifting and improve their gymnastic skills for CrossFit. He is a CF-L2 Coach and Programmer at CrossFit NYC. 

You can learn more about his private training at or reach out to him directly at