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About Us

Founded in 2014 - Our Vision Was Clear.

We wanted to provide an opportunity for LGBTQ CrossFit Athletes to practice their sport, regardless of Box affiliation. This continues to be our goal. We host functional fitness events in the New York City area as well as provide apparel that you can rock in or outside of the gym. 


Our WODs are programmed to be All Levels. What the means is that it can easily be scaled up for the more experienced athlete or scaled down for the newer athlete. We are rooted in CrossFit, which means that some CrossFit Experience is required to attend - though all are welcome to come and cheer on the athletes. 


Our apparel is Made For Athletes - By Athletes.

We did not create a design and upload it to a 3rd party vendor to be printed onto a cheap, poorly fitted shirt. Before we select a style and manufacture for any given T we test them first. This involves getting sample shirts and working out in and washing them numerous times to ensure they look, fit and wash to our expectations. It's a slow process, but it allows us to be confident in the product you are buying.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Here you can learn more about our founder Todd Brandon Morris.