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Strength & Conditioning Saturdays

OUT-FIT Strength & Conditioning Saturdays

Every Saturday in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens we host our most popular Strength & Conditioning Workouts. 

The workout begins with a warmup and then strength. We are on 6 week cycles. We focus on one movement (e.g. Hang Cleans, Push Jerks & Power Snatch) for 6 weeks allowing you time to go through our progressions and benefit from the weekly exposure and then move onto a new movement. 

We finish our workouts with 15-18 minutes of partner conditioning. You are in your own assigned spot and will not share any equipment, but will work visually with your partner to complete the workout. 

We host our workouts at partner gyms in Manhattan,  Brooklyn and Queens. See below for specific times, locations and to sign up for this coming week. 

Not In NYC?!?

We have 3x or 5x a week remote programming for athletes looking to get stronger AND improve their Olympic Lifts. See A Sample Day and Sign Up Here. 

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