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OUT-FIT Upcoming Workouts

OUT-FIT Upcoming Workouts 

Wednesdays (Starts 9/13/23)
Saturdays (Starting 9/16/23)
On The 2nd Saturday Of The Month
We leave our Chelsea studio and move to WillyB CrossFit - LES to host our larger community workouts


Join us in NYC for our popular:
Strength & Conditioning Workouts
Boot Camp Workouts
PROUD Workouts.


If you haven't been to our workouts, we have been hosting them since 2014 (That's 9 Years)!


Strength & Conditioning Workouts (All Levels) 

Skill: All Levels
Skills Required: Prior Workout Experience w/ Dumbbells & Kettlebells. 

Overview: This workout is the perfect mixture of Strength and Conditioning. We will start with a coach led warm up, move into a strength focus and finish with conditioning. Most classes will use barbells. Any movement that involves barbells will be reviewed in the warm up. 

Athletes that attend 8 (eight) of these workouts may attend our Proud Workouts

Boot Camp Workouts (Beginner - Intermediate) 

Skill: Beginner to Intermediate 
Skills Required: Prior Workout Experience w/ Dumbbells & Kettlebells

Overview: This 60 minute workout is going to leave you sweaty and exhausted. We warm up as a group and have one team workout. We use dumbbells and kettlebells, but no barbells or advance gymnastics. 

Athletes do not need to have any specialized experience, but should have general workout experience.

Proud Workouts (Experienced)  

Skill: Experienced 
Special Skills RequiredFunctional Fitness Experience - This will be verified in advance

Overview: This 75-90 minute workout is our longest running and most popular format. We warm up as a group + we have two back to back partner/team workouts. We use barbells in every workout. Common movements include Power Cleans, Thrusters, Deadlifts and Kipping Pull Ups. 


Chelsea: We host our Strength & Conditioning Workouts at the OUT-FIT Workout Studio in Chelsea
L.E.S: We host most of our Boot Camp Workouts and Proud Workouts in Manhattan at WillyB CrossFit - Bowery (LES)

All Athletes from the NYC area are welcome to join us, though for the safety of everyone prior Functional Fitness experience is necessary for our Proud Workouts. 

If you don't have this experience, but would like it you should check out our:
8 Session: Fundamentals of Functional Fitness Program


Not In NYC?!?

Squat 1.0 - 8 Week Virtual Programming
We have a 1x a week remote programming for athletes looking to develop their legs and increase their back squat. 
Learn more about the squat program here

Boot Camp Challenge Workouts 

For athletes outside of NYC, we created the Boot Camp Challenge Workouts. They are free to everyone and can be found on YouTube Here (Don't Forget To Subscribe!)

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