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Squat Challenge 1.0 - 8 Week Program

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Squat 1.0

This one day a week, 8 week program is developed for the functional fitness athletes that want to keep their normal workout schedule, but also want to focus on increasing their back squat. This program is also good for individuals who are returning to fitness or just really busy. 


We will start this program testing your 5RM back squat and then again finish it with a 5RM test. 

In between those two test days we will use our weekly workout to focus on linear progressions, warmup accessory movements to increase or improve your movement patterns, depth, form and overall strength. 

This program is once a week and while we will program it for a Sunday, you are encouraged to find the best day of the week to do it. This should be a day that you believe you can keep regular for the 8 week cycle. 


Starts: Upon registration 
Type: Virtual/Online (TrainHerioc) 
Workouts Per Week: 1
Length: 8 Weeks

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Sample Training Day

Prep/Warm Up (15min)

Row 500M, then...

3 Rounds
7/Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
7 Barbell Good Morning 
7/Leg Tempo Box Step Downs

Strength (25min)
Back Squat 5x5, Increasing

Finisher (10min)
15/Leg Goblet Reverse Lunge + Core Cash Out

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