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3 Things Every Functional Fitness Athlete Needs In Their Gym Bag

3 Things Every Functional Fitness Athlete Needs In Their Gym Bag

Functional Fitness is a type of workout that focuses on functional movements that mimic real-life activities such as pushing, pulling, and lifting. It's a challenging and rewarding form of exercise that requires discipline, dedication, and the right equipment. In this blog post, we'll discuss three things we think all Functional Fitness athletes need in their gym bag.

  1. Proper Shoes

Proper shoes are crucial for functional fitness athletes as they provide support, stability, and comfort during heavy lifts as well as during high-intensity workouts. Look for shoes with a flat sole and a wide toe box, which will allow for better balance and more natural movement during exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Cross-training shoes are ideal for functional fitness workouts as they are designed to handle a variety of exercises and movements.

Running shoes or any overly cushioned shoe are not good options. 

We like Nike MetCons. You can find them here. 

  1. Jump Rope

A jump rope is an inexpensive and effective tool that can help improve cardio, agility, and coordination. It's also an excellent warm-up tool that can get your heart rate up quickly. 

We do a movement called Double Unders. This is when you jump once and the rope revolves twice under your feet. Newer athletes what a heavier rope to start. This gives you feedback and makes the learning process easier. Even if your gym has jump ropes it can be easier to learn on your own rope because brand and length won't change from workout to workout, which can happen when you use house ropes. 

Here is one option

When you become more experienced, you will want to get a speed rope. They are much lighter and require much less effort for each rep. 

Here is one option 

💡 Coaches Note: We don't recommend starting off with a speed rope. It will only slow the learning process. Learn on a heavier rope and "graduate" to a lighter speed rope once your have reliable double unders. 

We also don't recommend buying anything expensive right off. The heavier/beginner rope you probably wont use again after you learn. It's helpful to not buy too expensive of a speed rope for your first one too. Once you use a speed rope for a month or so you will know exactly what you want when you decide to upgrade. 

  1. Athletic Tape

Athletic tape for the hands is a valuable addition to a functional fitness athlete's gym bag. It can be used to protect the skin of the hands, prevent blisters and slow calluses from forming during exercises like the pull-up, this is especially true for newer athletes. Additionally, tape can help provide additional grip and support during longer workouts, during high-rep sets and anytime you tape up your thumbs and use the hook grip. Look for athletic tape that is durable, easy to tear, and made of high-quality materials that won't irritate the skin. 

We prefer to use non-adhesive tape. 

Here is what we use


Now, many athletes will have personal preferences for other items they like to carry, but what we have listed above should be the foundation that you build from.

Leave us a comment below if you feel like we left something off this list! 

If you are in NYC and looking to learn more about Functional Fitness we offer workouts every week. If you are more of a one-on-one type of athlete, we have personal training in our private gym in Chelsea, NYC. You can learn more here. 

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