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What To Expect! (2 Months Off From Weightlifting)

Start Training Again - Wisely! 

As most of us slowly start to get back into the gym, you are going to encounter a situation that you have probably never have before. You are feeling cramped, isolated and perhaps like your body is shrinking! 

We are all in the same situation. 

What you DON'T want to do is something that will cause injury and extend even longer the time you are out of the gym. Yes, you are excited! We all are. But, ease back in.

Learn From Mike
Join Mike Dewar as he takes you though his first weightlifting training session in over 2 months. 

He will share with you what you can expect (and watch out for) when returning to performing the Olympic lifts (snatches, clean and jerks), and how to get back into the groove of things.

He will also  share with you some Olympic weightlifting programming notes for beginners and advanced lifters alike on how to develop GPP for weightlifting and get the body ready for harder training cycles to come.

Check out his video here

I Need Programming and Coaching Help! 

Are you interested in starting back into your fitness on a dedicated Olympic Lifting Program? Take a look at the "Smash Your PRs" 16 Week Program, written by Mike specifically for OUT-FIT! 

Smash Your PRs - 16 Week Training Program

Included in the Program
- 16 Weeks of Programming
- 3 or 5 days a week programming (up to 90 minutes a day)
- TrainHeroic App for programming and tracking
- Demonstration Videos 
- Digital Coach Access
- Private Facebook Group
- OUT-FIT T-shirt  

Learn more and sign up here! 

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