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Smash Your PRs - 16 Week Challenge
Smash Your PRs - 16 Week Challenge
Smash Your PRs - 16 Week Challenge

Smash Your PRs - 16 Week Challenge

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 Focus and Improve

If you’re a CrossFit athlete or regular gym goer you know how frustrating the Olympic Lifts can be. The truly only way to get better at them is to focus on them weekly. 

Fitness with Proper Focus

We partnered up with J2Fit to create a 16 week training program for anyone that has trained the Olympic lifts and wants to smash their current PRs. Over the course of 16 weeks you will focus on improving your technique in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You will also see additional weekly focus on heavy squats, pushing and pulling.

16 week programs (4 months)

1) 3 days a week (meant to supplement current CrossFitters/Personal Programming)
2) 5 days a week (stand alone programming)

The Right Focus 

Weekly focus will be improving your Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Squats. You will also get weekly exposure to pressing, pulling, accessory work including hitting those biceps/triceps.

The Right Time

Spend your Spring/Summer with a 4 month focus on improving your lifts and general fitness. You'll head into the fall stronger and with better lifts. 

Included in the Program

- 16 Weeks of Programming
- 3 or 5 days a week programming (up to 90 minutes a day)
- TrainHeroic App for programming and tracking
- Demonstration Videos 
- Digital Coach Access

Sample Training Day

Prep/Warm Up (10min)
3 Rounds
Step Down x 6/leg
Empty Barbell Sots Press x 8
Deadbug x 10/side

Oly (20min)
No Contact Muscle Snatch 3x3/50%
Hang Power Snatch 2RM, then 2x1 at same weight 

Strength (15min)
Pause (5 sec) Back Squat 5RM, then 2x3 at same weight 

Accessory (15min)
*Superset exercises, rest 1min after each set
Bulgarian Split Squat 4x8/side
Nordic Curl 4x6-8/arm

Not Sure? 

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2. Do you have questions? Email us at and we will get back to you. 

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