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Fall Kickoff Social - Sat, Sept 9th 4-6pm (OUT-FIT/Chelsea)

OUT-FIT | 10 years of encouraging athletes to achieve extraordinary physical goals while maintaining mental health and promoting social equality.

It’s been an absolutely crazy 10 years! 

There have been thousands of local athletes and supporters over the years. We would love to say thank you to everyone!

So, join us and the other Proud Athlete in the NYC area for our Fall Kickoff Social. This social will follow our Fall Kickoff Workouts. 

We don't host socials often, but it's been a long summer and we want to hear what you have been up to! Fun starts at 4pm, Partner Donut Mile Challenge starts at 5pm sharp! We will see you there! 

Fall Kickoff Social + Partner Donut Mile Challenge

What: Fall Social Meet Up + Partner Donut Mile Challenge (optional)
Date: Sat, Sept 9th
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Location: OUT-FIT | 250 W 26th St, 2nd Floor
BYOW: We will have some non-alcoholic drinks there, but you are welcome to bring whatever you want.   

Meet Your Fellow Athletes

We have our Personal Training group. Our Group Fitness group and we also have our online community of athletes taking advantage of our free workouts we post every week on our YouTube channel. 

Now seemed like the right time to bring the different communities together for a  social afternoon. If you are not a regular OUT-FIT athlete you are still welcome to come and hang out! 

Chillin At The OUT-FIT Studio (Chelsea)
The meet up starts at 4pm and really will end once everyone leaves! We will have a couple of games to play and the highlight event will be the Partner Donut Mile Challenge - gotta keep it fitness themed! 

Partner Donut Mile Challenge

You sign up in advance with a partner. ( We will start the races at 5pm. You will each eat two donuts and run two 400m. Here is how it will go: 
Partner 1 Eats a donuts and runs 400M (200m out & 200m back)
Partner 1 tags partner 2
Partner 2 Eats a donuts and runs 400M (200m out & 200m back)
Partner 2 tags partner 1
Repeat 1 more time

Looking for a time to beat?

-You can stat running as long as the entire donut is in you, including whatever you have stuffed in your mouth. You do not need to swallow the donut to start running, just have it all in your mouth. 
-Waiting partner must wait for their partner to tag them before they start eating. 
-Water or other liquids are permitted, though they will not be provided. 
-Donuts will be provided, but if you have a dietary issue (soy, wheat, vegan...) you are welcome to bring your own. They will need to be approved by head judge at the event. 
-Reversal of Fortune is a disqualification 
-Prizes for top teams

How To Sign Up

Email your full name and the full name of your partner. Actual start times will be released at the event. Races start at 5pm. 

OUT-FIT | 10 Years of encouraging gay athletes to achieve extraordinary physical goals while maintaining mental health and promoting social equality. Gay Personal Training in NYC and Virtual. Queer Group Fitness.