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Manhattan Boot Camp & Proud Workouts - Sept 2023

Hello Manhattan! 

Did you have a good Summer?!? Did you hear "Padam Padam" one too many times?

It's time to show off that tan and get back into your Fall routine as we kick off our new weekend workout season! We will be spending the 2nd Saturday of the month at WillyB Bowery and all other Saturdays will be at our OUT-FIT Workout Studio in Chelsea (26/8)

You have two workout opportunities. Pick the right workout for you and get signed up. 

OUT-FIT Workout Season Kickoff
Sat, September 9th - WillyB CrossFit Bowery (LES)

12:30-1:30pm    OUT-FIT Boot Camp Workout
1:30-3:pm OUT-FIT Proud Workout

4-6pm Fall Kickoff Social - OUT-FIT Workout Studio in Chelsea

Which is the right workout for you? - Click Here To See 

Boot Camp Workouts (Beginner - Intermediate) 

Skill: Beginner to Intermediate 
Skills Required: Prior Workout Experience w/ Dumbbells & Kettlebells

Overview: This 60 minute workout is going to leave you sweaty and exhausted. We warm up as a group and have one team workout. We use dumbbells and kettlebells, but no barbells. 

Proud Workouts (Experienced)  

Skill: Experienced 
Special Skills Required: Functional Fitness Experience - This will be verified in advance

Overview: This 60-90 minute workout is our longest running and most popular format. We warm up as a group + we have two back to back partner/team workouts. We use barbells in every workout. Common movements include Power Cleans, Thrusters, Deadlifts and Kipping Pull Ups. 

Both Are Great Workouts! 

Both of our workouts are partner & team based workouts. (Don't worry if you show up solo, we create the groups at the event.) The workouts are fun, challenging and great at community building!

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