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Squat Challenge 1.0 - 8 Week Program

Squat Challenge 1.0 - 8 Week Program

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Focus and Improve

If you’re a CrossFit athlete or regular gym goer you know the power of having strong legs. This 8 week, 1x a week program will improve your back squat and overall lower body strength. 

The Right Focus

Straightforward and uncomplicated. Squat heavy once a week and improve your lift. 


Included in the Program

- 8 Weeks of Programming
- 1 Day Per Week
- TrainHeroic App for programming and tracking
- Demonstration Videos 
- Digital Coach Access

Athletes will receive set-up emails (from TrainHeroic) with in 24 hours of signing up. 

Sample Training Day

Prep/Warm Up (15min)
7 Inch Worms
7/leg Cossack Squats
7 Tempo Goblet Squats

Strength (25min)
Back Squat 5x5, Across

Accessory (18Min)
7/Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
7 Barbell Good Morning 
7/arm Dumbbell Bench Press

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