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Squat Challenge 1.0 - 8 Week Program

Squat Challenge 1.0 - 8 Week Program

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Starts Jan 15th, 2023

Focus and Improve

If you’re a CrossFit athlete or regular gym goer you know the power of having strong legs. We are helping you start the year strong with this opportunity to spend the first two months of 2023 improving your back squat.

The Right Focus

Straightforward and uncomplicated. Squat heavy once a week and improve your lift. 

The Right Time

Spend your Winter with a 2 month focus on improving your back squat. You'll head into the spring with stronger legs and a hopefully a new PR!

Included in the Program

- 8 Weeks of Programming
- 1 Day Per Week
- TrainHeroic App for programming and tracking
- Demonstration Videos 
- Digital Coach Access

Sample Training Day

Prep/Warm Up (15min)

Row 500M, then...

3 Rounds
7/Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
7 Barbell Good Morning 
7/Leg Tempo Box Step Downs

Strength (25min)
Back Squat 5x5, Increasing

Finisher (10min)
15/Leg Goblet Reverse Lunge + Core Cash Out

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