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Free Virtual Workout

Free Virtual Workout

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We are so excited to be bringing your favorite OUT-FIT workouts and coaches directly to you on any mobile device. Athletes will also have access to a live coach online throughout the workout. 

We will be kicking off our virtual workouts on Monday, Nov 16th. We will be offering free workouts on Fri, Nov 13th at 8am EST and 12pm EST

These workouts will use one dumbbell or one kettlebell. Coach Cole will be using a dumbbell and Coach Todd will be using a kettlebell. Recommended weights are 35-55lbs, though this varies by athlete. If you have lighter piece of equipment, you can do more than the suggested reps or add a tempo to increase difficulty . If you have a heavier piece of equipment, you can decrease the suggested reps. 

If you don't have either pieces of equipment, you may be able to find an odd object at home that you can use.  

Please select either 8am EST or Noon EST and finish your order (registration). We will email you a link by THURSDAY NIGHT for you to click on Friday.