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OUT-FIT PROUD (All Levels) Workouts

OUT-FIT PROUD (All Levels) Workouts 

Join us in NYC once a month for our popular PROUD (All Levels) Workouts. We rotate through Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens. 


If you haven't been to our PROUD (All Levels) Workouts, we have been hosting them since 2014 (That's 7 Years)! They are partner & team based workouts. (Don't worry if you show up solo, we create the groups at the event.) The workouts are fun, challenging and great at community building!


Our PROUD (All Levels) Workouts have a warm up, a shorter first workout and a longer second workout. They last between 60-90 minutes. 

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We host our workouts at partner gyms in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. See below for specific times, locations and to sign up for this coming month. 

Necessary Fitness Experience

All Athletes from the NYC area are welcome to join us, though for the safety of everyone prior Functional Fitness experience is necessary. 

If you don't have this experience, but would like it you should check out our:
8 Session: Fundamentals of Functional Fitness Program


Not In NYC?!?

Boot Camp Challenge Workouts 

For athletes outside of NYC, we created the Boot Camp Challenge Workouts. They are free to everyone and can be found on YouTube Here (Don't Forget To Subscribe!)

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